Join Us for a Mass Sickout on May 1st! Let’s #Strike4OurLives!

At Target the foot traffic and guest behavior have been atrocious, putting us at needless risk when greater safety measures are required to ensure social distancing. Workers nor guests have been required to wear masks.

Our maximum capacity of guests have been set too high, their demeanor is also casual and reckless. They do not respect our space, they are not coming to our stores exclusively for essential items, but are occupying our stores out of boredom and for fun.

The guests’ desire for recreation are not more important than team members’ needs for safety. Our pay and compensation are not adequate enough to cover the costs of hospitalization or funeral expenses related to COVID19.

This is why Target team members are engaging in a mass sickout and exercising our right to refuse unsafe work conditions as defined by the Occupational Safety and Hazards Act (OSHA) – General Duty Clause which states in Section 5(a)(1):

“Each employer shall furnish to each of his employees employment and a place of employment which are free from recognized hazards that are causing or are likely to cause death or serious physical harm to his employees”

By engaging in concerted activity with fellow team members we are also exercising our right to organize and strike as defined by Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA).

These federal laws ban any employer from illegal retaliation, including wrongful termination, reduction of hours, demotions, etc, against any employee who exercises these rights. We will file charges for any retaliatory action Target and their representatives may engage in towards workers exercising these rights.

Target Workers Unite calls on all team members to join us this May 1st, International Workers Day, along with other workers across industries and across the nation to fight for our lives, and ensure our safety.


13 thoughts on “Join Us for a Mass Sickout on May 1st! Let’s #Strike4OurLives!

  1. Works both ways. I was checking out the other day and four employees were talking at the edge of the check out with no masks and blocking my ability to run my credit card. I had on a mask and said “excuse me im trying to stay away from people” and not getting the hint one of them aid “you’re fine it doesnt bother me” and put something she wanted to purchase on top of my bags and asked the cashier to check her out.


  2. Retail stores have been taking advantage of workers for years! Low wages, poor benefits, and treating workers as expendable. In Targets I’ve noticed the stores being remodeled/ updated while the employees live hand to mouth. Good for these workers!! The ONLY way to get the attention of these greedy corporate retail snakes is to hit them where it hurts, in their pockets! Strike on!!!


  3. I love Target BUT no more I don’t want there product , is going to make me sick if they are treating g this way there employees . I support you all and stand with you all for standing up Target . It’s time we demand from the retail companies treating the American employees better . Enough for this low wages, poor benefits, treating workers as garbage.


    1. It depends on each store, we want to encourage team members and community members to be safe and practice social distancing, alot of team members are organizing solidarity caravans to drive across our communities to show support for the #Strike4OurLives!


  4. An essential demand should also be that state Workers Comp laws be amended so that Workers Comp presumes a COVID-19 infection is work related and thus covered.

    Illinois had this for about two weeks until business groups and insurers scuttled it.

    It needs to un-scuttled all across the country but it is a state by state matter.


  5. Just to echo the comment above — at target in Brooklyn this past weekend and shocked to see employees without masks or wearing them but pulled down around their chins. Not all, but many. No gloves, no social distancing. Goes both ways.


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