Why Unite?

This EPI study shows our productivity increasing, yet our compensation flatlining for decades. This isn’t a coincidence, but an orchestrated plan by corporations to raise their profit margins at our expense as workers.

So what do we mean when we say “Target workers unite”?  This isn’t a call for a union, but for rank and file Target team members to come together and share our experiences working for one of the largest retailers in the United States, the problems we face as the backbone of this corporation, and what we need to make our jobs good so we can adequately support ourselves and our families.

We are Target team members with years of experience working for this corporation, we have much to share with our fellow Target team members and the larger communities we serve. We are here to tell you that we are not being compensated what we deserve, that we deal with regular disrespect from management, and face unsafe working conditions all as we deliver exceptional service our guests have come to expect in our communities.

This study from CBPP based on data from the Congressional Budget Office shows that while we have been increasing our productivity the profits we workers created were hoarded by our corporate executives and shareholders.

We think it’s crucial that fellow Target team members and the general public recognize that the way things are now are unacceptable to rank and file Target team members. This isn’t a new problem, our situation as team members aren’t unique from the rest of the working class who are underpaid, overworked, and lack access to the resources we need to live decent lives. Target is not to blame for all of these things, but we know Target plays a part in our working class problems.

We need access to the same quality of healthcare and benefits that Brian Cornell, the rest of the Target executive board, and the major shareholders of Target Corporation have access to. Many of us struggle to pay our bills, housing only becomes more expensive every year and our wages and hours don’t cover constantly inflating costs of living. Many team members live paycheck to paycheck, and don’t qualify for benefits as we are purposefully kept in part-time positions, while decent pay and benefits are exclusive to management.

This is all the more insulting as Target executives work to “amazonify” our jobs, which means more timed and monitored work as we struggle to make shopping at our stores as easy and convenient as it is while shopping on Amazon. As a result we are worked harder, disciplined more, while not compensated more for these increased responsibilities. Raising the starting wage to $15 doesn’t mean anything if our hours are cut. We are not interested in this race to the bottom retail executives are forcing us workers to go through for their benefit. We seek solidarity with all workers across corporate lines to raise our standards for the benefit of everyone. We can, must, and will get organized to protect ourselves since we cannot count on the corporations to look out for our interests as workers.

If you, as a Target team member, have a story to share about your job and how it affects your life please click on the “Get Involved” button and reach out to us! By sharing our experiences we become more knowledgeable about overall conditions and what we need to live decent lives.

It’s time to unite!