How to Unite


As we said in ‘Why Unite?’ this project is not about unionizing. None of us are union members. We are not doing this to make our fellow team members pay union dues with a mainstream union. And we share the valid criticisms of other Target team members who have experienced unions adding more bureaucracy to their job.

This is why we are cutting out the middle man and encouraging our fellow team members to form worker committees. What’s a worker committee? It’s nothing more than you and a couple of other team members coming together to take joint action over issues at Target. This is your legal right as a private sector worker as defined by the National Labor Relations Act. As long as you are acting in the interest of more than just yourself as a single Target team member you are engaging in what is called concerted activity. You don’t have to be in a union to do this, it’s free, and it’s your right, but you know what they say about rights, you don’t have them if you don’t use them.

This is where Target Workers Unite comes into play. By contributing your story about issues on the job at Target you are engaging in protected concerted activity. By participating in this website all of us Target team members are engaging in protected concerted activity. We know many fellow team members are scared about retaliation for exercising your rights, but we are living proof that we can exercise our labor rights and not be retaliated against. Some of us have even organized strikes across the country against racist and sexist bosses, won our demands to hold them accountable, and are still working at Target with no retaliation.

This works and we are here to help! If you and other Target team members want to get issues fixed taking direct action and exercising our labor rights is the BEST way to do it. This is how we are going to make Target jobs good jobs. All of us team members have to unite and take action! We encourage you to not be afraid, to reach out to your fellow team members, get empowered and start engaging in concerted activity by messaging us now.

We have multiple team members across the country who have experience getting organized and flexing our rights to make our jobs better. We know we can’t count on Brian Cornell, the other executives, and the major shareholders to look out for our interests as working class people. It’s up to each and every one of us to live and breath solidarity for each other.

We need worker committees everywhere!