Target Workers Unite Demands Target Stop Wage Theft Against Guatemalan Workers 

Minneapolis, MN – Target Workers Unite (TWU) demands Target stop wage theft against garment workers from the JNB Global factory in Guatemala. One former JNB Global worker details: “I was unfairly fired from JNB Global because I would not sign a new work contract that eliminated my years of service at the factory. I ask Target to pay the severance I am owed. That is what is fair.” 

In violation of both Guatemalan law and Target’s Vendor Code of Conduct, JNB Global illegally fired seven workers who are collectively owed over $58,000. Despite Target claiming the issue resolved, the Worker Rights Consortium’s investigation found less $4,000 dollars has been paid out to these workers.

TWU stands in solidarity with JNB Global workers. An injury to one is an injury to all. Click the link below for further information and sign the petition to demand Target stop wage theft and pay JNB Global workers:

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