Target Illegally Unionbusting Yet Again At Store in Colorado

(Pueblo, Colorado) – After Target workers in Virginia filed unfair labor practice charges for illegal union busting earlier this year, Target workers at Store 0618 in Pueblo, Colorado have experienced illegal intimidation, interrogation, threats, and harassment by Target Corporation and store management as workers exercised their rights to engage in a card authorization drive since August 18th.

Target management has been holding captive audience meetings, holding one-on-one interrogations and telling workers the store will be closed if they sign authorization cards and vote in a union. As a result workers are preparing to file unfair labor practice charges against Target Corporation for this illegal conduct. 

Target workers are asking the community for support by demanding store management and Target Corporation to stop unionbusting and breaking the law.

All media inquiries can reach Target workers at (443) 330-7804‬, email at, twitter @TGTworkersunite, or on facebook @TargetWorkersUnite

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