Target Workers Demand CEO Provide Proper Safety, Compensation, and Respect the Right to Organize

Minneapolis, MN – Target workers across the country have come together to draft a new round of demands to petition Target CEO Brian Cornell and other corporate executives to meet the demands calling for proper safety and compensation as we struggle through the second wave of the pandemic.

Target has issued many public statements this year to announce new policies which they claim support Target workers, but rank and file Target team members have experienced how hollow these claims are by the executives. Despite policies on masks, social distancing, and additional compensation for working through the pandemic, workers are reporting a lack of enforcement across Target stores and distribution centers, which has resulted in our workplaces becoming COVID hotspots.

Target workers demand the following six points to ensure our safety:

1. We demand that the number of guests allowed in stores be limited to ensure social distancing

2. We demand that ALL guests wear a mask for the entire time they are shopping within Target stores and that they are asked to leave if they refuse

3. We demand that either Starbucks and Target’s Café close or that management enforces that all food and drink purchased are for To-Go only

4. We demand that (a) management enforce that employees social distance six feet from one another while on their lunches and breaks while in the break room and locker areas (b) each store is deep cleaned by professionals several times a week in addition to TMs cleaning surfaces during their shifts (c) that there is proper ventilation in all the stores and distribution centers with MERV13 air filters (d) Cycle in outside air instead of recycling old in the stores and (e) that FREE Covid-19 testing is made available at anytime to all TMs. ( f) that TMs receive pay for every time that they are required to take leave in order to self quarantine for fourteen (14) days and for every time that TMs are required to take leave in order to recover from Covid-19 for up to thirty (30) days. In addition, we demand that when a store becomes a Covid-19 “hot spot” that with every two (2) cases reported it is then a requirement that ALL TMs (including upper management) be tested for Covid-19 to ensure a safe working environment.

5. Due to the significant health risk we take as essential workers we demand that Target reinstitute the $2 hazard pay as well as profit sharing with the employees due the company’s reported record-breaking profits this year – In addition, we want time and a half for all extended holiday hours that vary from normal store operating hours (i.e. opening earlier and closing later).

6. Stop all retaliation on Target team members for exercising our labor rights 

The full language of the petition can be found at 
All media inquiries can be directed to contact persons with Target Workers Unite at 443 330 7804 or

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