Target Team Members at Store 1541 are on Strike!

Team Members @Target 1541 in Pikesville, Maryland are on strike!

Pikesville, MD – Target team members at store #1541 are on strike over disrespect and abuse perpetrated by their Store Team Lead Kate Harley. Since STL Kate has taken over workers are now stressed out both on and off the job because of her conduct, creating a hostile work environment where team members face intimidation, spying, and false accusations by STL Kate.

“Kate has been destroying Target ever since she started here. I come to work everyday stressed and worried if I can pay my bills and maintain my life with this job.”

-Pikesville Target team member Nikolas Mosby

Team members don’t feel they can trust the internal channels Target Corporation provides to hold someone in a position of power like STL Kate accountable for their actions. Team members know that STL Kate and District Manager Ryan are friends, this is a conflict of interest concerning her abuse and disrespect of rank and file team members. These team members have provided multiple testimonies (see below) on the work conditions under STL Kate, they are fed up with this treatment and demand she be fired from Target Corporation immediately!

“She is extremely retaliatory, and will go to any length to get her way. I absolutely do not trust her as a leader, and constantly feel that I am being targeted”

anonymous Pikesville Target team member

Target team members will remain on strike and are enacting a community boycott of Target Store #1541 effective immediately until their demands are met by Target Corporation. We are asking all team members and supporters across the country to show solidarity and call the Target Integrity Hotline to demand Target meet the demands of team members at store 1541!

Call 1-800-541-6838 or send an email to Target team members are making a huge sacrifice by going on strike, including losing their pay. This time of year is very difficult for team members financially as our hours are slashed, every shift we are scheduled is crucial to cover our costs of living. If you are able please consider making a donation to the strike fund. Stay tuned for more updates on the strike!

Store 1541 Team Member Testimonies:

6 thoughts on “Target Team Members at Store 1541 are on Strike!

  1. This same situation is happening at the Target in Rancho Cordova, CA!!! And has been for a few years! I absolutely loved my job and my position but I had to leave. My marriage, my kids and my sanity were suffering! I still feel as if I have some PTSD from that place! The STL Jessica is a complete nightmare! My entire team left within months of each other. Our STL and our district manager at the time were BFF’s and anything wrong with the store were blamed on everyone else except the person who is supposed to be held accountable for her store (the STL). And when complaints were made, we all suffered. She is lazy, does nothing. When she went on her maternity leave, we had a “substitute STL” who was absolutely AMAZING!!!! She was never sitting in the Starbucks, barking orders at people, filling shopping carts with go-backs and yelling to someone else to do it, she did it! She also helped flow team push out freight and kept the bullseye looking phenomenal! And then Jessica came back and BAM!!! The store looked terrible again and everyone was back to miserable work time! The store has gotten worse since I left, which was almost 1 year ago now! I feel so terrible for everyone still there! It’s just horrific!


  2. Same thing in Virginia Beach! Once I was gone from that place I was much happier and healthier. ALL higher-ups were lazy and did nothing but sit in the office gossiping, cut hours, and walk around the store barking orders instead of lending a helping hand when they see someone struggling.


  3. I called the 1-800-541-6838 number, pressed 2 because I’m not a team member, and nothing happened. Something’s up.


  4. Is there any support that I can provide? UE is an independent, rank & file union, and we have recently stepped off of two successful strikes within the last 2 months. Let’s talk


  5. We are having the same type of grief at 2332, in Kingsport TN. Only management gets full time hours and positions up front are being eliminated completely because of modernization. Don’t believe the media hype about the minimum wage increases! You don’t get enough hours for it to be worth it and the expectations are beyond ridiculous!


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