Senior SFS Team Member Speaks Out from Store #2320

(editor’s note: we interviewed our fellow Target team member Joseph Viramontez who is a six year veteran with mega backroom skills currently working at Target store #2320 in Dickinson, Texas. Joseph is engaging in protected concerted activity by speaking out on his team’s work conditions and what they want to see changed in-store and corporate-wide)

Fellow Target team member Joseph with his son

We heard you and your fellow team members were having trouble with Target Corporation and your in-store management, could you go into more detail about what those problems are?

Joseph V: My entire store’s morale is in the gutter. We have issues with scheduling and communication. Not hours wise, but more of breaking OSHA regulations. Team members are always scheduled in ways where they get no time to rest or it goes completely against their school schedules. Sometimes  team members only get four hours in between shifts. As far as communication goes there’s no knowing exactly what we’re supposed to do for the day. Come in during the midday and your morning Lead On Duty will assign tasks, then your Team Lead will give you more. It gets extremely confusing for newer team members and causes a huge mess in our back room. And don’t even get me started on the poor leadership at my store. It’s so bad we’re almost a month behind in freight right now. Thousands in toys just sitting in the back.

How long have you been a Target team member?

Joseph V: I have been a team member for just about six years. I’ve worked every piece concerning Logistics. Currently I am the Senior SFS TM and I have been in SFS for three years.

So you’ve been around long enough to see how things have developed and changed form when you first started, what are some of those changes you’ve noticed over the years?

Joseph V: As time has gone by I’ve noticed how little the company cares for it’s employees. They want them to constantly do more with less resources while not seeing the stress they put on their employees. It’s almost as if we’re in a toxic relationship with the company, and I say that because management will often gaslight their best assets for things already out of their control. The more the store “modernizes” the worse it gets.

Do you think Target protects bad bosses?

Joseph V: Yes. In a straight and simple answer. I’ve had racist and sexist bosses. Even when an entire team has gone to report it, nothing is done. Instead they get promotions, putting them in better situations to get their way and manipulate team members until eventually no one questions their authority. All because that leadership is “brand”.

You’ve said that you and coworkers have tried to through the internal channels Target provides to no avail, what do you think is the answer to getting these issues addressed?

Joseph V: We need to finally step up and say something. We have this yearly best team survey that is supposed to help corporate get an inside feel for each team, but instead of following up with the team members, corporate will always go to leadership who will say what corporate wants to hear versus what’s needed to be said. We don’t have a voice, and we need one. A single message that says we’re through being mistreated. We love the jobs we do, otherwise we wouldn’t have stayed for so long! There’s still hope even now when it’s at it’s worst.

What do you think needs to happen to make Target jobs good jobs?

Joseph V: The jobs aren’t that bad in my experience. It’s the “leadership”. They all want to be corporate pleasers vs doing the things to make the company more successful. They’re trying so hard to be the BEST everything store. They forget that happier team members work harder. Help us and we help you! We matter. We’re the biggest moving part. And if we all stopped one day then they would see. Hopefully things don’t have to go that far. We just want to be heard. We want to be taken care of.

3 thoughts on “Senior SFS Team Member Speaks Out from Store #2320

  1. I feel it’s the same way at my store. The whole truck process is frustrating to everyone who comes and goes in the back room. I’ve been with Target in Receiving for seven years and this is the worst I’ve ever seen it. There is no more team moral, or working as one team. They have divided everyone into different teams. I remember when I first started at Target and how they were all about working as a team. The only thing that makes us a team is that we all work at the same store. Leadership has gone in the toilet. It feels like leadership vs. team members. It’s just become a huge mess of freight not being processed, team members getting to the point they just want to walk out and poor leadership. It’s sad and depressing to go to work anymore. I get so much anxiety from constantly being boxed in at my desk, having to climb over boxes, it’s not safe. I reported my store to OSHA for blocking fire doors. The fire marshal came out and saw for himself what they were doing. Didn’t seem to faze them because the next day they did it again and have continued to do it. I feel embarrassed when we have the truck line and pallets of freight on the sales floor when guests are trying to shop. Target has become an embarrassment and an unsafe place to work.


  2. My experience at My Target still affects has done some damage to me…I am thinking about getting a lawyer!! Anyone that knows me tells me to not let it was so wrong and scary!!! I would Never suggest for anyone to work there…ever!! To me now ,they seem almost like a cult!! They do huddles ..they call them that..and all the Lods’ Which are senior partners ( bosses) and they talk about all them them out.. and if 1 of them don’t like you or is just not into your sparkle…you get voted in or out!! Then they will find a reason to get rid of you!! They never communicate anything with you are not important…and my story will be heard!!


  3. This is all true. I had a heart attack. When I returned back to work I lost feeling in left side. The advice nurse told me to get to the front of the store and have someone call 911. I told my store manager and she curled her lip at me and said that’s what they said. No urgency. I sat outside with a lady who pan handles so at least if I dropped dead I would be with someone who cares. I called the 800 number and complained. Nothing happened.


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